Words of Wisdom

President Dwight Eisenhower warned us of the ‘Military-Industrial Complex” in the Fifties. In the Sixties, Mr. Conservative, Barry Goldwater, warned us of the influence of Religion in Republican Politics. Yes, Republicans used to be sensible people.

Know Your Mormon – August 2, 2012

The Book of Mormon is a book of LDS scripture that takes place during the same time as the Bible and takes place on the American continent. It follows the stories of two tribes who descended from the family of Lehi. After Jesus’ resurrection Mormons believe He visited the peoples of the Americas.

Mormon Jesus Heals Americans

Bite it, Baggers!

Screw your uptight, all white, 1950s notion of what the USA should be. This is what American Excellence and American Pride look like in the 21st century!

‎(L-R) Irish-American, Lebanese-American, African-American, Jewish-American, African-Japanese-Filipino-Puerto-Rican American.

Know Your Mormon – July 31, 2012

Mormons believe that the “heavenly father” they pray to is really an exalted man who lives on a planet near the star base Kolob, and is not the Heavenly Father of the Bible at all.

Mormons believe than, on Kolob, Mother Kakistroca gave birth to 62,055 healthy perfect children. This includes 3,500 twins, 1,897 triplets, 987 quadruplets through septuplets. On the planet Kolob, the gestation period is 90 days. Births on Kolob yield almost all females. This is mandatory so that polygamy can be practiced by all males.

Know Your Mormon – July 27, 2012

Mormons expect Christ to return to their temple in Missouri, but they haven’t built the temple He’s supposed to return to, because they don’t own the property. It is owned by the “Temple Lot Mormons” who have plans of their own, and won’t let the Salt Lake City group buy it.

The site of the Independence Temple, or Temple Lot, is located southwest of the intersection of Lexington Street and River Boulevard in Independence, Missouri.